Why I disrespect the NFL/ESPN machine: the number of times I saw the PI non-call on TV at the airport this morning is approaching “The Shooting Of Buckwheat” proportions #OldManPost

Point being, I don’t need another phone, but I would splash out tomorrow for a current SE2 or an X-Minus. But I don’t think Apple plans on playing in that space anymore. Maybe today will change their mind. It’d be nice.

I bought my iPhone SE two months after it came out, with the money from the Apple settlement ironically enough. Nothing Apple has shipped since has been worth spending my own money to replace it (although the work iPhone X is…tolerable, I guess)

Shorter Tim Cook, in our mutual native tongue: “yeah we kinda went frog-stickin’ without a light and now we climbed up there it’s a hell of a lot higher than we looked”

Resilience IPA. On tap from over 1400 breweries nationwide in aid of Butte County fire relief. And it’s an IPA I like, at that. If you have the opportunity, drink up in a good cause.

Tonight’s discovery: Citizen Five (citizen510.com). New Orleans infused psychedelic Oakland funk, if this is your thing, and if it isn’t it ought to be.

Yay. A bowl game against the veritable embodiment of Everything Wrong With Power 5 College Football. I am positively tepid with enthusiasm.

All 4 Mac minis hooked up and attached to the IP KVM successfully. The names of the four minis? Obviously: Mike, Rick, Neil and Vyvyan.

My aunt called to concede. She hasn’t done that since Vandy upset UT in 2005 (and I was too drunk at Cal-Stanford to believe what had happened). First threepeat since 1926, these are the days of miracles and wonder

I’m gonna be frisbee pissed if I actually wrenched my back moving the bloody coffee table to make room for the tree. Let’s go naproxen

Innovation: cold brew with peppermint syrup as an alternative to 500 calories of blond peppermint mocha this holiday season. Maybe this will methadone me off of my worst Christmas addiction

The bright side of Alex Smith going down is that the Junks are so much more fun to listen to when Washington stinks. That’s about it for upside

I mean if I’m going to continue to be registered with CERT and the local ham radio responders, I should invest in some fire department-grade breathing filters for when it really jumps off. Which it will. Only a matter of time

The neoprene mask with removable filters seems more comfortable and probably efficient in the long run, but smells like all the long chain polymers and I’m not 100% convinced it’s efficacious. Price of “what’s left on Amazon now” I suppose

New masks arrive tomorrow. Hoping they’ll be good for five days until the rain can get here. Still hundreds of people unaccounted for. This is a disaster on par with anything I’ve ever experienced