I mean if I’m going to continue to be registered with CERT and the local ham radio responders, I should invest in some fire department-grade breathing filters for when it really jumps off. Which it will. Only a matter of time

The neoprene mask with removable filters seems more comfortable and probably efficient in the long run, but smells like all the long chain polymers and I’m not 100% convinced it’s efficacious. Price of “what’s left on Amazon now” I suppose

New masks arrive tomorrow. Hoping they’ll be good for five days until the rain can get here. Still hundreds of people unaccounted for. This is a disaster on par with anything I’ve ever experienced

No N95 mask and air quality 70 points worse means I’m going around in a bandana like Rube Burrow robbing the mail train

Having lived in Alabama 25 years ago for their mad giveaway binge trying to attract BMW (nope) and Mercedes (yep!), the #HQ2of2 saga has done nothing to ameliorate my belief that we have all moved to the United States of Alabama quite against our wills

It’s hard to overstate the extent to which Marvel Comics provided the conceptual framework of my early adolescence. Which, well, gifted kid in Alabama, you do the math. Excelsior, Stan.

The rigamortis is going around at work. I don’t get sick nearly as often since the nose job (almost three years now!) but we’re going into a full prevent defense now

Watching the Humboldt tourism commercials during the Warriors game and I can’t shake the feeling everyone involved with those ads was higher than giraffe nuts

Sure enough, I never think to post on Sunday. I was distracted by Rob Neyer’s new book, which is an excellent survey at the state of baseball in the post-Moneyball era…

My big complaint with the iPhone X was that it was just a hair too big to be a hair too big. Looks like the XR, so-called, is a hair bigger than that. I guess someone decided that all phones are two-handed now. I want to meet that person with a sockful of quarters.

There are few things as disconcerting as finding out you booked last week’s travel on your own card back in March and now you have to get work to reimburse you $900. This could get ugly fast

OK, let’s go. Can I actually post something every day this month that isn’t trash? For those of you seeing this cross-post on Twitter, this is staggerlee.micro.blog - share and enjoy.

If I were in the market for a laptop, the new MBA would be the only thing I consider at this point. Jury’s still out on how well I can blog on an iPad.

When I worked at Apple, we had to take the original G4 Mac mini apart and reassemble it, and they gave us the Mac mini to keep at the end. Always had a soft spot for the mini in every incarnation. Glad it finally has a modern update

Latest discovery: BBC Radio 3 “Slow Radio” podcast. 15-30 minutes at a throw of ambient audioscapes, perfect for work or relaxation or just quasi-meditation when you need to cocoon yourself.

Seriously, this is an amazing milk stout just on tap at the airport. Soon as I get home it’ll be all “STANK DANK SUPER FACE IMPLODER OVERCAST HAZE STORMY DONKTUPLE IPA 105 IBU”

Minnesota is proof positive of the axiom that you should always seek out the local craft beer. Seriously, the amount of locally made “Not Another !-ing IPA” on offer in the Twin Cities is magic.