AirPods Pro out for delivery. It’s a rare thing that I have an Apple product on launch day, but it’ll be nice not to need the big over-the-ear cans for noise cancelling.

Today was a brutal day. I went back to my work provided iPhone X because using an SE running iOS 13 is just too trying. Which is a more a comment on iOS 13 than on the SE, to be blunt.

Went to an HOA meeting for the first time and I gotta say I felt a lot better about living here before I attended.

They’re driving Bochy around the park in a vintage Chevy while Tony Bennett sings and no YOU’RE blubbering like a hospital scene in a telenovela

I know we’d heard rumblings before but if the 2020 iPhone Pro is actually 5.4” and styled after the iPad Pro, we might have the first iPhone since the SE (and only the second since the 4) that I’d lay down my own money for

The A13 seems like a real winner as efficiency goes but I wonder how much of that battery life improvement in the iPhone 11 Pro is because there’s more battery where the 3DTouch hardware used to be instead of Twitter. Flickr instead of Instagram. Now, Tumblr instead of Facebook as a possible bridging tool. The pieces of a more dispersed and less evil social media are starting to coagulate. Not a minute too soon.

Increasingly looking like I’m going to start putting money back for this notional 5.4” iPhone 5G in 2020. If work nonsense means I have to ride this SE for another year, yippie ki yay.

Starting to wonder how much of this iPhone X being a hair too big to be a hair too big is down to the case. It’s the Apple leather case so it’s about as slim as there is, and yet, every millimeter of width counts.

I think I could live with the XR processor/chipset in the body of an iPhone 7 if that’s the only new “small” phone we can get. It’s a joke that they’re reviewing 5.8” phones as small.

More than ever I’d love to see an iPhone X-Minus appear, but I don’t know when or how. If a 5.4” X-type or something else the size of the 8 or smaller doesn’t appear by September 2020, I’ll have some tough decisions to make.

The best social networks ever were Vox and 2008 Twitter. It’s all gone to hell since then. Now, to be honest, the group chat in Signal is the only thing that feels right or true.

Well I just deleted the Instagram app for Lent. We’ll see if it lasts. Twitter folks, hit me up if you want my vintage-2005 Flickr account info, because we now practice the archaic East Coast business model of “cash on the !-ing barrelhead for goods and services” around here

We need to agree on what we’re all leaving Instagram for, because we need to get the hell of anything of Facebook’s. (Possibly including Menlo Park, although that’s a lot of land to salt)

Almost done setting up my new old stock iPhone SE. Unlike its noble predecessor, the unlocked travel phone mortally wounded in a reclining business class seat, this is a Get Away From The World device. No news, work apps or social media. Except :)