So I have placed an order at - either this will be my new hobby or it will be a good way at getting back at the kids with the recorder across the alley who can only play the first three notes of Hot Cross Buns over and over and !!-ing OVER

Got a bumper, iPhone 4-style, for my 12 mini. Hoping this will work out. Although I think it will make me that much more desirous of a MagSafe charger

The 12 mini is everything I could have hoped for since I first conceived of it three years ago as the aptly-named iPhone SE-X. Now all I need is an absurdly thin case.

iPhone 12 mini tracking information has replaced Nevada ballots as my “cmon cmon cmon COME ON” obsession

iPhone 12 Mini. Want. Unfortunately just bought the SE2 in April. Gonna be a tough lift to justify this unless it seems like the 13 will be the mythical portless phone…

Feeling down today because I’m finally contemplating just how long it might be before I can next set foot in a pub

A week in, I’m very happy to have gone with the Series 6. Still over 30% battery every day after 23 hours. Would be spurring me to more exercise too if the air quality wasn’t 168 outside

Counting the days until the Apple Watch Series 6, and wishing you could customize the Siri activation phrase

This was the most compelling WWDC keynote in I don’t know when. But I was not expecting to have feelings when the Big Sur “About This Mac” window said version 11.0. How has it been twenty years??

Setting up the old iPhone X in anticipation of the iOS 14 beta and it feels gargantuan next to the new SE. how did I ever transition to this thing from the old SE??

Prepping the old iPhone X to be the iOS 14 tackling dummy just proved to me how much happier I am with the size of the SE 2020.

Baskin-Robbins seasonal Watermelon Splash is a pure trigger food. I can and will eat as much of it as you can set in front of me.

Basically what I’m kicking around is how to replicate a private Instagram with a non-Evil company and without resorting to one big noisy group chat (it’s not like you get a notification whenever anyone you follow posts on Insta…)

I’m mulling how you could possibly implement something like with more granular controls on access and who can see what. Might not be possible based on open blogging. Thinking about LJ’s custom lists for locked posts back in 2004.

Setting up the new iPhone SE. It goes a lot smoother when you just restore from iCloud backup and use Duo backup for 2FA.

Almost certainly going to order the iPhone SE 2020 at dawn on Friday. Might be my last chance at a TouchID device that’s up to date and backward compatible with all the accessories in the house.

What will I have left to about?

New iPhone SE (4.7”)? A few weeks ago I’d talked myself into it over waiting on a notional 12 at 5.4” but now who knows…

I am happy with the MRI, if less than thrilled with the results (C6/C7 stenosis). But apparently the magic search term was “upright MRI”

I’m grateful the MRI tomorrow is the open sort, from a claustrophobia standpoint, but I’m not sanguine about laying flat in pain for a half hour. They better let me play the Junks over the speakers or something

Not gonna lie, a big part of the appeal of this notional iPhone 9 is keeping all my current infrastructure of chargers, connectors, etc. for the foreseeable future.