New version of the FCC Speed Test app is out. I half expected it to display nothing but a Bitmoji of Ajit Pai giving a thumbs-up with the caption “IT’S FAST ENOUGH!!”

shout out to @whitneybee for tipping me off to the IFTTT piece to repost Insta pics to Flickr…the last piece of the Facebook/Google purge is now primed to go when the day comes. (And come soon…)

Ok don’t look now but for whatever reason Sunlit is playing nicely now. Gotta go home to the beloved SE and see if that holds up ;)

At some point, not sure when, Sunlit’s timeline tab stopped loading for me. iPhone X, iOS 12 (and 12.0.1), did all the usual force-quit/log-out/reboot tricks…any known bugs in play here @manton @jean? (The other tabs load normally FWIW)

The Good Place might be the best sitcom I’ve ever seen. Worth dealing with all the TVEverywhere NBC nonsense to log in and watch.

The NBC app on tvOS is a disaster to work with. Only The Good Place makes it worthwhile and now I’ve got the DVR set so N B C Deez

Had occasion to pull out the iPhone SE, on a USMobile SIM, last night. Realized it lacks almost all social media apps. Used it as my only phone all night. It was surpassingly relaxing. New evening habit?

I’m trying to get Siri to establish a shortcut to message a group in WhatsApp, but when said shortcut is triggered, it only includes one member of the group. I suspect there’s some work that needs doing to get some of the 3rd party apps ready for prime time

If you didn’t wake up this morning and immediately start blaring Earth Wind and Fire then I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself

Starting to think I need to make tally marks every time I look at Twitter for whether I feel better, worse or neither after logging in. I have a sinking feeling I know which way it will go…

I just created a shortcut that lets me say “Hey Siri, pub mode” which activates Do Not Disturb, opens the Kindle app and starts playing my 2-Tone playlist. If you have iOS 12, go get Shortcuts. Now.

Ok, looks like the entry phone only jumped $100. Still, $749 as the cheapest current-processor phone feels very Tesla-ish.

Twenty years after my first visit to NYC, and the hole in the wall grilled cheese place off 7th and 50th starts playing Mase and Puffy and if I close my eyes it’s like I was never gone. I ❤️ NY

Also, I can’t be the only one dismayed that the entry level price for a “newest” iPhone just jumped another $150…